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Check out our Wedding Decor Rentals 

We know first hand how stressful getting the little things together can be. We also know things add up, typically decorations are the last thing to be thought of and budgeted for. We've worked with couples that prioritized the big things like the venue, catering, photographer and then when it came to the smaller items like table décor and signs they had little budget to work with. Even though they are little things they can add up to be a big purchase for a one day event.

 With that being said, it makes more sense for us to come in and help alleviate some of these costs because we are able to reuse these items at future weddings. This also allows us to create a better overall experience for our couples. 


It is so important to us that our couples be super excited to walk into their reception hall and be able to say this exactly what I dreamed of! Everyone deserves the best on their wedding day!

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