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Intimate Traditional Wedding | Wyoming, MI | Kyle & Yennie

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Kyle and Yennie share a dance at Provin Trails

The very last weekend of August Kyle and Yennie tied the knot with all their loved ones surrounding them. Originally the two were supposed to wed in May but due to the pandemic, were forced to push it out into late summer. They chose to keep it small with just a few family member and friends at the beautiful church ceremony then headed off to dinner, hosted by Yennie's Grandmother.

The couple and Priest waiting to walk down the aisle
The couple holding hands before walking down the aisle
Kyle and Yennie walking down the aisle in Wyoming, MI

Kyle shares his vows with Yennie at the Vietnamese Church

Yennie sharing her vows at the Vietnamese Church

Kyle signing the marriage license

Yennie signing the marriage license

Kyle and Yennie share their first kiss as husband and wife!


A portrait of the stunning bride!

A portrait of the handsome groom!

Kyle holds the beautiful wedding bands
Kyle and Yennie making their Exit
Beautiful photo of Kyle looking at Yennie
One last pause at the Vietnamese Catholic Church
Beautiful couples portrait in Wyoming, MI


After the ceremony Phi and I headed out to different locations to photograph the beautiful couple on their special day! Walking through beautiful fields and magical pine woods we hope these photos remind them how wonderful their wedding day was for years to come!

Kyle leads Yennie through a field of wild grass and flowers
The couple shares a kiss in the middle of the field

Beautiful couples portrait