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Ways to celebrate your original wedding date

So your wedding date is fast approaching, you've already postponed your ceremony and reception but a piece of you is still grieving the wedding you that was supposed to happen so why not celebrate your original wedding date!

1. Have a romantic night in with your Fiancé! Get out of your sweats and get dolled up! Make a dinner that reminds you of your first date, dance around your living room (maybe play your 'first dance song'), pull out old photos and reminiscence over your relationship up to this point.

2. Order a Small Cake! This can be from the bakery you planned to get your wedding cake from. Have a small cake cutting session, include your family and friends over a zoom call.

3. Frame your original wedding date! If you have save the dates, invitations, wedding signs etc. put them in a beautiful frame along with a photo of you celebrating your original wedding date. Maybe its a funny photo that reminds you of the pandemic or a romantic photo that showcases your love for each other.

4. Support the vendors you were looking forward to working with. Chances are good these are small local businesses that are struggling through this time as well; why not lift them up by ordering a small bouquet, that cake or cupcakes you were looking forward to, a meal for two from your caterer or simply send them a card or email saying you're thinking of them on this day! The smallest gesture can go a long way <3

5. Give yourself permission to feel the highs and lows of this crazy time! If you want to commemorate this day then get dolled up, laugh, virtually surround yourself with friends and family you love! But know that it is MORE than okay to cry and grieve the day you were dreaming of. Spend this day doing what feels right for you.

6. Embrace what your new wedding date will look like! If you've spent the time leading up to this day avoiding the subject maybe this will be a good day for a fresh start. Start imagining what your new wedding date will be like, look for silver linings, reach out to those vendors, family, friends and get excited again!

These stressful times will melt away and the future is bright! I hope you choose to celebrate through these chaotic times.

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