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5 things photographers should be doing during the winter months!

It's the dead of winter and we know as well as any small business owner that business is tough. Our clients are spent; emotionally, physically and financially +after the Holidays and most likely are spending this time curled up with a good book with a hot cup of coffee and we feel that! But how do we as business owners stay busy? What can we do to bring in more clients during this time? How do we nourish our business so that we are ready for the crazy busy months ahead? Here are a few ways we prepare ourselves and stay busy in the winter months.

1. Education: This is a great time to sign up for a class! Where are you lacking in your business, marketing? understanding how to shoot manual? Not sure how to get those beautiful candid photos? We are so lucky to have so many resources at our fingertips! Here are a few ways I continue my education...

  • The Goal Digger: Need help with marketing? Jenna gives great business hacks, inspirational stories, productivity tips and more! Jenna also has an excellent selection of online marketing courses!

  • Six Figure Photography with Ben Hartley: Marketing techniques and interviews with experts in the industry on how to grow your photography business.

  • Portrait Session: Great for those looking to learn about "lighting, posing, post-processing and building a photography business."

2. Accounting and Taxes: Get your expenses together, this can be time consuming so do it when you don't have a backlog of editing to catch up on. Check up on if there are any new way to get tax credits for your business. This is also a good time to review and adjust package pricing. Are you happy with how much you made in the last year? Where can you go up in pricing? Should you scale back on a certain package? Where can you cut business costs?

3. Marketing: Staying up to date and relevant in social media and marketing is tough! This is an excellent time to be

  • mapping out content calendars, drawing up templates for easy replies when you get inquiries,

  • If you send a weekly or monthly email, write as much as you can so in the busy months all you have to do is minimal touch ups and send it out!

  • Get your blog cleaned up! Is it feeling a little dated? Come up with new content for your audience to see.

  • Submit your work to magazines and websites that are in your niche.

4. Model Calls: Do you have an "open schedule?" Put out a model call for something you've been wanting to shoot. Need more practice In the studio? Ask around for someone willing to model for professional headshots or do a fine arts project... Do what you need to do to keep those creative juices flowing!

>>This Saturday we are hosting our first Photo House Challenge of the year, something we like to do in the slow months to keep things interesting! Follow along on our Instagram page to learn more about the challenge and vote for your favorite photos!<<

5. REST! Feeling drained after Holiday sessions and finally feeling caught up on work? TAKE A BREAK! Take a staycation! Unplug from technology for a few days and visit some of your favorite coffee shops, watch those movies you've been dying to see, SLEEP! We know how many late nights and early mornings you've put in! You deserve a break and what's a better time than the dead of winter. By giving yourself a good break, you will be putting yourself in a better position to serve your future clients <3

What are some ways you keep your business busy during the winter months?



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