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A Beautiful Fall Wedding in Dewitt, Michigan // Tyler & Joe

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Tyler and Joe were married November 6th of 2021! It was a GORGEOUS autumn day bursting with colors and sunshine with a slight chill to the afternoon air.

When Phi and I arrived on site, we jumped right into photographing wedding day details then quickly moved into getting ready shots and the first look! Tyler and Joe had it all planned out so that every single "important" photo could be done before the ceremony, making the transition from ceremony to reception so fun and seamless.

Beautiful bridal details

Tyler putting on her earrings at the Jesus Church in Dewitt, MI

Tyler's mother helps her into her dress at the Jesus Church in Dewitt, MI

Tyler and her mother share a beautiful moment

Just a few last details before heading to her first look with Joe!


Joe and his groomsmen put on the last few finishing touches at The Jesus Church in Dewitt, MI.

Tyler and Joe decided on a first look before the ceremony to keep the day relaxed! They shared this beautiful moment behind the Jesus Church in Dewitt, MI. The fall colors made a stunning backdrop to this wonderful day.

Tyler and Joe share a beautiful embrace after their first look.

In Dewitt, MI
A portrait of the beautiful couple

A Michigan Autumn wedding
The stunning bride

The bride and her bridesmaids

Beautiful wedding florals

A beautiful portrait of the bride and her bridesmaids

A portrait of the handsome groom

The groom and groomsmen