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A Celebration of Love and Marriage at Alden Orchards in Lowell, Michigan // Jen & Kyle

Jennifer and Kyle eloped during the pandemic but knew when things started to get back to normal they would have a big party to celebrate their love! So in September they did just that on the Alden Orchards Estate in Lowell, Michigan. With 5 acres of land, a incredible old farm house surrounded by an apple orchard and beautiful views, this was the perfect venue for an early Fall celebration.
Gorgeous wedding details

The best color and most comfortable wedding celebrations shoes!

Jen's gorgeous wedding dress hanging at Alden Orchards in Lowell, Michigan
The morning started like most traditional wedding days; with the bride and bridesmaids relaxing with mimosas, while having their hair and makeup done. They took the front room of the large farm house; the perfect space with its bright white walls and many mirrors. While the girls utilized the main floor, Kyle and the groomsmen took the rooms upstairs to dress in the headed outside to the open aired pavilion for drinks and photos.

Jen and the girls at Alden Orchards
Jen's mother, sister and best friend helping her get ready for wedding day celebrations!

Jen putting on the finishing touches

Jennifer made the most beautiful bride!

Jen and the girls at Alden Orchards in Lowell, Michigan


Groom details at Alden Orchards in Lowell, Michigan

A portrait of the handsome groom

Kyle and the groomsmen at Alden Orchards in Lowell, Michigan

Jen and Kyle shared their first look before cocktail hour at Alden Orchards in Lowell, Michigan. We love capturing beautiful moments like this.

the full bridal party inside the old farm house at Alden Orchards

Cheering for this beautiful couple!

The full bridal party at Alden Orchards.


Because Jen and Kyle had already said "I do" they decided against a symbolic ceremony, instead they enjoyed cocktail hour as guests arrived, giving them a chance to say hello to everyone and visit with guests before formalities started up later that evening.

Inside the Red Barn at Alden Orchards in Lowell, Michigan

The bridal party giving speeches during dinner at Alden Orchards in Lowell, Michigan.

Jen and Kyle shared the traditional first dance and parent dances before opening the dance floor up to guests. This beautiful couple along with their family and friends danced, partied and enjoyed their time together that they had waited so long for!

Jen and Kyle Sharing their first dance

Jen shared a dance with her father and Kyle with his mother.

A stunning portrait of the bride.

Jen and Kyle at Alden Orchards for sunset photos

We had the best time documenting this beautiful celebration of love and marriage.


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