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A Country Glam Wedding at Marion Magnolia Farms //Cody & Tylen

Mr. & Mrs. Rhoda


This was our first wedding at Marion Magnolia Farms and it was GORGEOUS!! A modern and glamorous country venue in Southwest Michigan it was the perfect place for a country wedding. Beautiful rose bushes and summer flowers surrounded the barn, large green fields and a beautiful ceremony site just off the back of the barn. So many little great spaces throughout the property for stellar photo opportunities.

Brittany was a wonderful host, very helpful and was there to make sure Cody and Tylen had an amazing day!

Cody's mother played a major part in styling this wedding day! Robin designed the bouquets and florals for the wedding; She did such an amazing job and we were surprised to learn she even grew sunflowers in her home to make sure they had plenty to work with.

cowgirl boots, sunflowers, wedding details
A few of Cody's wedding day details

The bridal suite at Marion Magnolia was absolutely beautiful! A wonderful bright spacious room for the girls to enjoy their morning in. The Boys were located just around the corner in the same building, enjoying a few drinks and A/C on this hot summer day.

Cody's gorgeous veil being placed by her mother


A first look with the Father of the Bride just outside the Bridal suite building at Marion Magnolia Farms.

Cody and her father embrace, such a sweet moment <3
A beautiful bridal portrait at Marion Magnolia Farms
The bride, bridesmaids and flower girls just before the ceremony
sunflower wedding bouquets
Sunflower wedding bouquets
Tylen relaxing in the grooms suite at Marion Magnolia Farms
Tylen and the groomsmen just before the ceremony
at marion magnolia farms
The groom and groomsmen at the ceremony site

The Ceremony

What an absolute GORGEOUS ceremony these two had. Robin did an amazing job with the sunflowers covered the arch and lined the aisle. It a very hot and humid summer day, we had times that it was completely overcast and times the sun would pop through the clouds giving us stunning lighting for the ceremony.

Tylen seeing Cody for the first time on their wedding day.
Cody's father escorts her down the aisle at Marion Magnolia
The start of the ceremony at Marion Magnolia Farms
Cody and Tylen sharing their first kiss as husband and wife!
Cody and Tylen making their exit from the ceremony
Marion Magnolia Farms
The full Bridal party at the ceremony site
Rose petals and cheering for the bride and groom!
Cody and Tylen in the cornfield behind Marion Magnolia Barn
Cody and Tylen walking through a beautiful trail behind the venue
Stunning Portrait of the Bride and Groom!

The reception

Cody and Tylen made their grand entrance into the reception at a quarter after six. Beautiful toasts were made, a delicious BBQ dinner was had and there was so much laughter and dancing.

Inside the Barn at Marion Magnolia Farms
Cody and Tylen making their grand entrance to the reception
Cody and Tylen's first dance
Cody and Tylen had a BEAUTIFUL choreographed first dance
Cody and Tylen's 3 tier Sunflower wedding Cake!
Cody and Tylen's family having a great time at the reception
The rain cleared up in time for sunset photos!
That gorgeous golden hour glow

It was such a privilege being a part of this beautiful wedding day. CONGRATS Cody and Tylen!

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