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Amazing Vendors to Check Out in Grand Rapids, MI

Updated: May 13

We hope you're enjoying this time of engagement and planning! Phi and I have worked alongside quite a few vendors in the years we've been wedding photographers and thought it could be helpful to those just starting to plan or for those that are struggling to find a specific vendor.

Wedding Planner:

Wedding planners are excellent for planning, organizing and managing your event! They help things stay on track through the planning process as well as the day of the wedding. Check out the following planners if you find yourself in need of this service <3

Cindy Alonzo: CLA Events


Every single one of these florists are absolutely amazing! We have enjoyed working alongside them and know they will do a wonderful job on your wedding day!

Monique: Mitten Floral

Angela: Adorn

Decor Rentals:

Struggling to put together table decor sets or looking for signage, cake stands, chairs etc.. Check out the following rental companies to help with all your decor needs!


Having a good DJ at your wedding is key to getting the party started ... and keeping it going.

Hair Stylists:

These artists & companies know their craft and will do an excellent job on your wedding day!

Nicoletta: Unica Salon

Make up Artists:

These artists love what they do and will help you feel stunning on your wedding day!

We hope you find this page helpful, share with a friend if you do ; )


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