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Beautiful Spring Family Portraits // Michigan

Like for so many being socially distanced from my family has been one of the hardest parts of the last couple months! My niece and nephew are growing and changing, the difference between March and now is incredible! So when I had the chance to visit them (keeping my distance still) I of course grabbed my camera so I could sneak a few shots!

This age is so priceless <3 That toothless smile is gold!

Front yard apple Blossoms make for the perfect backdrop!

Making wishes in fields of wildflowers <3
Getting caught in your sisters wish!

Those that laugh together, stay together <3

Nothing sweeter than true love <3

Father & Son Conversations <3

Front Porch Photo to commemorate this time in quarantine

Starting May 26th we are booking family and portrait sessions! You can book by contacting Meghan at (616) 802-0030 or email us

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