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Creating a Wedding Vision Board // Michigan Wedding Photographer

YAY! You just got engaged and have been relishing in that new word fiance for the last few weeks but now you're ready to move on to the next step, the wedding planning processes. Once you find yourself here a great place to start is creating a vision board.

What is a Vision Board?

Some call it a mood board I personally stick with calling it a vision board but they mean the same thing. A board that will help visually show how you imagine your wedding day to be. This is an excellent tool to share with anyone that is helping plan your wedding day; family, friends, wedding planners, photographers etc.

Where should I create my Vision Board?

I LOVE Pinterest for Vision Boards! It's the best visual search engine out there. Create your board, sit down with your partner and start pinning! I recommend starting with 10-20 photos of any image you're drawn to. Once you've done that, go back through those same photos to look for patterns.

Another great way to organize your thoughts is to have a vision board for different areas of the day; Wedding Day Prep, Ceremony and Reception. You can then narrow these 3 boards into 1 later to show your vendors.

What colors keep popping up?

What style dress?

Are the images dark and moody or bright and airy?

Are you in love with outdoor weddings or leaning toward indoor?

What season makes sense for you?

Are you finding you'd rather have a laid back - low key wedding or glam, star of the show event?

Narrowing Down your Board and Understanding Priorities.

Once you can identify your basic style, you can start to discuss non negotiable, what is most important on our wedding day? (Aside from marrying the love of your life of course!)

Flowers & Decor?

The Dress?

What wedding traditions do you want to partake in?

What vendors are priorities and why?

Sharing Your Vision Boards

Sharing your vision board is easy! Once you feel like you have a good overview of how you'd like your day to look you can send a direct link to your vendor or make them a collaborator, this will give them access to your board and allow them to make suggestions based on your board as well.

Summer wedding Inso
This rustic wedding at Marion Magnolia was Gorgeous!

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