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Creating Your Heirloom Wedding Album

So you've invested in a great photographer, you have your vision board planned out, you know what moments and details you want photographed but have you really thought about what you will be doing with all these amazing photos after your wedding day?

The BEST way to make sure these beautiful images don't stay locked away on a USB drive is to pre-order a wedding album, image box or let your photographer know you would like help getting large prints! Here's why, after the wedding many of our couples feel a little burned out and that album you thought you'd make yourself or the images they intended to print never come to fruition. We've been asked a year after the wedding to go back a make albums, which we have no problem doing but how awesome it would have been to already have that album made to view on your first anniversary!

Meghan reviewing a recent engagement album

  1. We find that many clients regret not ordering an album from that start. While we are happy to help you through the process at any point in time it becomes an extra step you have to work through later and this tends to be in that "burn out time." when we find couples just want to be done thinking about all things weddings.

  2. The albums we offer are HEIRLOOM KEEPSAKES. Meaning they are of the greatest quality. These beauties are handmade and custom designed to tell your beautiful story start to finish. These albums have an archival value of over 200 years, making them wonderful family keepsakes.

  3. We love to deliver wedding albums just a few months after the wedding. This creates so much joy and excitement for couples! They are able to relive their wedding day and have stunning images to show their family and friends.

Need more time to think it over or still unsure of the the investment? Utilize the gift card option. You can add this to your registry or hint around the holidays. You can use gifted credit towards your album!

What's the designing process look like? Here is a step by step of what you can expect while we work close with you to design your dream wedding album!

  1. Make the investment

    1. Whether you chose to add your album to your initial wedding collection or a few months after your special day the first step in this process is an initial payment and selection of album size.

  2. Order Form, we will sit down with you and fill this out together.

    1. Once your online gallery has been delivered, we will discuss your preferences. This is when you will choose your cover fabric, text preference, type of pages and more!

  3. Select your favorite images!

    1. This is when the fun really starts! You get to choose any must have images and favorite photos you’d like to include in your album! You can do this in your online gallery. If you prefer we choose the images, we are happy to help with that!

  4. We start designing

    1. Once your favorites images and preferences are in we will start designing your album! We try to stay as true to the wedding day timeline as possible, so later down the road you can relive this magical day with your loved ones.

  5. Review

    1. Once we have your album designed we will send it to you, this is when you can make comments and request changes. Once we’ve updated your album design we will send a final version over for your approval.

  6. Shipping

    1. Your album has been designed and approved now its ready to be printed, bound and shipped! Now is the time to make sure we have the correct mailing address on file. This process can take a few months but the final product is well worth the wait!

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