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Fun & Laid Back Michigan Wedding // Camara & Steve

Updated: Mar 4, 2022



This summer day was all about fun and spending time with loved ones after the long year of 2020.

Camara and Steve who married on the June 12, 2021 held their laid back wedding ceremony and reception at Steve's Childhood home in Allegan, Michigan. They transformed areas on the land to fit a romantic ceremony and held a backyard reception to follow.

Games in the field, a delicious bbq dinner and dancing on the backyard patio made for the perfect wedding day celebration.


Wedding Day Prep

Beautiful flat-lay wedding details
Lovely wedding details
Camara's beautiful wedding jewelry
Camara's stunning wedding gown
Camara's Mother and Mother in Law
Beautiful close up shot of the bride
Stunning Bridal Portrait
beautiful Michigan wild flowers
Camara's beautiful bridal bouquet

Camara sharing a first look with her Father


Steve helped with set up the morning of the wedding then headed to get ready at the house with his father and brother.

Steven's wedding day details
Steven's wedding band and boutonniere
Steven sharing a moment with his father and brother
Steven and his beautiful mother
The handsome groom
A portrait of the Groom at the Ceremony Site
A few quiet moments before Camara and Steven walk down the aisle

The Ceremony

Just before Camara left her room for the ceremony site she saw a beautiful carriage pulled by two beautiful horses. This was one last surprise for the bride, set up by the grooms parents, before she made her way down the aisle to say "I do."

Camara and her father on the way to the ceremony site

They found the perfect place to have their ceremony in a clearing on the land under one of their favorite trees. Camara and Steven waited until the ceremony for their first look. We think Steven's look says it all!

Camara and Steven at the start of the ceremony
Camara placing Steven's wedding band on his finger
Steven Placing Camara's wedding band on her finger
The officiant pronouncing them husband and wife!
Camara and Steve share their first kiss as husband and wife!
Camara and Steve cheering as the ceremony concludes
A beautiful couples portrait and the ceremony site

Camara and Steve share a quiet ride in their wedding day carriage after the ceremony.


We loved all the beautiful trails on this property, the tall grass, and tree farm that backed up to this property. So many great spaces for portraits!


The Reception

Camara and Steven made their grand entrance to their backyard reception then went straight into their first dance. So much love and genuine happiness throughout this wedding day <3

Camara & Steven's wedding cake!
Wedding Day cookies!
...and you can never go wrong with cake-pops!
Bridal Portrait at Sunset
Camara in the fields at sunset
Camara and Steven concluded their celebration with fireworks!

Camara and Steve's wedding was full of love, good food, and laughter. We are so Happy for this wonderful couple and wish them all the love and joy for their future.

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