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Macatawa Golf Club Winter Wedding //Amber and Max // Holland, Michigan

Amber and Max were married at the Macatawa Golf Club in Holland, Michigan on February 12, 2022 and it had to of been one of the coldest days of the year. It was FREEZING, but oh was it stunning! Amber picked the most vibrant blue flowers, a stunning wedding gown and Max was in a handsome grey suite. The ceremony and reception were held at the same location at the club making the event transitions throughout the day seamless. There is just something so magical about a winter wedding. We had snow covered ground, bursts of snow and the sun even peaked through the clouds from time to time.

Holland, Michigan
Beautiful and unique wedding rings.

Wedding Gown and Flowers
Amber's beautiful wedding gown hanging in the Macatawa Golf Club

Amber and her bridesmaids share a laugh before getting into their dresses.

Amber's sisters helped her into her wedding gown. Then she put on the last finishing touches before heading to her first look with Max.


Max arrived on site around noon! He and the groomsmen relaxed in the mens locker room at the Macatawa Golf Club then put on their wedding day attire.

Macatawa Golf Club Weddings
Max heading out of the locker room for the First look with Amber


Max and Amber decided to have their first look before the ceremony so they could enjoy this moment privately. Both of their reactions were so sweet; you can really see the love they have for each other through all the pictures on this wedding day!

Macatawa Golf Club, Holland, MI Wedding
Amber and Max's first wedding portrait of the day!


After the first look Amber and Max shared wedding day letters then went their separate ways until the ceremony.

Amber heading back upstairs for the ceremony at the Macatawa Golf Club

Amber's mother escorted her down the aisle during the ceremony to Max at the Macatawa Golf Club.

Holland Michigan winter wedding
Max wipes away Ambers tears during their ceremony.

Amber and Max exchanged beautiful vows and wedding rings during their ceremony.

Amber and Max light a unity candle.

Holland, Michigan Winter wedding
Amber and Max share their first kiss as husband and wife!

Macatawa Golf Club, Ribbon Send off
Amber and Max had a beautiful ribbon send off right after the ceremony

The bridal party took a bus downtown Holland, Michigan for a few wedding day pictures!