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Planning a Minimalist Wedding

Some of the most romantic weddings I've been to have been along the lines of minimalism like this one we photographed on Reed's Lake. This beautiful couple arrived in canoes, both are very passionate about the great outdoors and made this type of transportation a priority.

People associate minimalism with owning as little as possible but what it really means is to own what truly makes you happy. Think QUALITY over QUANTITY especially when planning for your big day. What are things you "think" you should have but know in your heart you don't care for? Maybe party favors? Programs? Matching bridal party everything? Our culture has us thinking we need so much on our big days; keep asking yourself this question "who am I buying this for?"

Deciding how large your wedding will be can also create a lot of stress. Having a minimalist wedding can help eliminate some of that stress and make this an intimate event with those closest to your heart.

A beautiful wedding we photographed on Reed's Lake, East Grand Rapids, MI.This intimate wedding had only close family and friends with a total of about 30 guests. Great food. The very best company and enough love to last a lifetime <3



>>Make a list of things that feel essential to you; the things that you need at your wedding for it to be YOUR best day. What is essential to you may be completely different from the person sitting next you. I LOVE flowers, greenery and beautiful images so I would make those priorities at my big day and would nix party favors and small things that make weddings feel cluttered like chair covers, cake toppers and overcrowding tables with décor. Sit down with your soon to be and hash out what's essential.

Look to for inspiration:

  • Couples that have had a minimalist weddings >> you can find quiet a few on Pinterest and the web!

  • minimalist lifestyle pins

  • Marie Kondo

  • The Minimalists

Because being a minimalist is more of a lifestyle than a style of wedding you may find planning a minimalist wedding will help you in your everyday life. You may find a lot of happiness in de-cluttering your life and find more value in experiences, quality material items, and putting the focus on those we love <3

What are your thoughts on a minimalist wedding? Would you forego traditional wedding methods to get your dream wedding?

Need help planning a minimalist wedding!? We'd love to hear more about your dream wedding and can help you get in touch with the right wedding planner! Contact Meghan at (616) 802-0030

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