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Surprise Engagement //Blue Bridge-Grand Rapids, MI

Phi and I captured the gorgeous surprise proposal on a cool evening back in September.

Kolin was well prepared: we met with two weeks before the big night. We worked out the details of where Phi and I would be stationed in order to capturing multiple angles of his proposal. Kolin planned it perfectly, this was already an important day in their relationship, a dating anniversary- the perfect excuse to get all dolled up for the event without making Michaela suspicious!

Once Michaela said yes, Phi and I were able to get close up shots! We walked with Kolin and Michaela for a few minutes to grab a few more photos then wished them well on their wonderful night of celebration.


The couple arriving to the Grand Rapids, Blue Bridge

Kolin making is move! Michaela was completely surprised!

Capturing beautiful emotions through the proposal <3

Incredible location for this Grand Rapids Proposal

Admiring the beautiful engagement ring on the Blue Bridge

STUNNING Engagement ring!!!

Showcasing the engagement ring with Michigan fall colors!

Getting engaged is such a special moment!! Don't miss out on the opportunity to have it captured by professionals, these are photos to look back on years from now and to reminisce on a beautiful fleeting moment.

Let us help you plan and capture your proposal! Fill out our contact form now <3


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