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Work - Life Balance? Is that even a thing!?

This past year has been a whirlwind. It seems like just a few short months ago (except maybe January) we were throwing a Grand Opening party at Elevated and praying our studio could generate enough traffic in the months to come; we had our main focus on business building. For the month of January our focus shifted to family, we still had photo-shoots and spent time at the studio but we celebrated birthdays, our 6 year anniversary and took a trip out to Colorado to celebrate a dear friends wedding! We often are asked how we balance it and life. But can you really have work life balance?

My personal opinion. NO. Not really anyways. We have months of being crazy busy with our businesses and other months where family is our main focus. It really does go back and forth like that; I would say for the most part work is at the center 95% of the time and we are okay with that! For us that means business is good, that we are pushing forward and that we are doing a good job bringing awareness to our studio, photography brand and non-profit.

We are also able to step back and realize life has it's seasons. We will worry about whether our studio will be booked or pray for our next client and we will also spend more time enjoying time with family and take vacations and catch up on rest during those slow seasons.

So how do we make family and work life work in our busy seasons? I'd say communication is HUGE! We have joint calendars, text non-stop and have daily meetings (sounds weird to have "meetings" in a marriage but it works for us!) I take on the role of more administrative- work and Phi literally does the heavy lifting at the studio; until my back heals. The last few weeks he has been meeting with new clients and continues to make the studio an excellent place to work for both ourselves and those in our creative community. Some weeks it feels like we are ships passing in the night so we try to keep one day a week totally free (or at least a work from home day) so we can spend some time together. Our two amazing little ladies go just about everywhere with me which can be tough some days but I love how much they learn while we run errands, go to physical therapy appointments or work at the studio. They are used to being on the go and enjoy the variety of places and activities we do!

I know we aren't the only ones that have crazy busy lives! Tell us how you make it all work? What are some of your favorite family past times or couples date?

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