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A Romantic Late Summer Wedding at The Kalamazoo Country Club // Riley & Ben

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Phi and I had the pleasure of meeting Riley and Ben earlier this year for their engagement session. They are the sweetest couple and both have the biggest hearts. Their wedding day was so elegant and romantic, something straight out of a fairytale and we were lucky enough to capture it. <3


Ben and Riley's wedding rings on their beautiful invitation.

I love photographing wedding day details. Everything from the dress to the invites; there is always so much thought and planning that goes into these fine details I believe it's such and important part of the wedding day to capture.

Riley's wedding gown hanging outside at the Kalamazoo Country Club

Riley and her bridesmaids had these awesome matching pajamas to get ready in!

Riley's mother helping her into her wedding gown

Riley's mother and sister helped Riley dress and put on the last few finishing touches.

A first look and shared hug with the bridesmaids!

Riley and her bridesmaids on the Kalamazoo Country Club's golf course

Bridal portraits with Riley at The Kalamazoo Country Club

Ben and his groomsmen used the locker rooms at The Kalamazoo Country Club to get wedding day ready!

Kalamazoo Country club
The handsome groom

Ben and his groomsmen at The Kalamazoo Country Club

Kalamazoo, Michigan
Ben at the first look site waiting to see Riley for the first time.

Riley and Ben sharing their first look! Such a sweet moment between this bride and groom.

Kalamazoo bride and groom
The stunning couple

The full bridal party at the Kalamazoo Country Club