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How to Embrace Rain on Your Wedding Day // Grand Rapids, Michigan Wedding Photographer

We know, rain on your wedding day isn't exactly ideal. However, it can be so much fun to photograph and can add a unique twist to your special day.

Umbrellas!! We always have an abundance of clear bubble umbrellas for the full wedding party and a solid black umbrella for the couple if they want to stand out. This allows us to get everyone outside for a few portraits as a group then we can wonder off with just the bride and groom to capture a few intimate moments with just the couple

Utilize your venue! Chances are you chose a gorgeous and unique venue, something that represents your personalities and the vibe you wanted for your wedding day. UTILIZE this space!!! Sometimes this gets overlooked on beautiful days.

  • Ask your photographer how they feel about indoor lighting and if they'd feel comfortable using flash photography to capture some moments throughout the venue.

  • Ask your venue what they do on rainy days. If you're planning an outdoor ceremony, are they able to move it inside in the event it rains? Do they have additional spaces that are typically blocked off that they'd allow you to go in for portraits

Be willing to be flexible! Throughout the day you can bet Phi and I are constantly checking our weather app looking for a break in the rain! When that happens we try to pull the newlyweds AND full bridal party outside if possible for some epic photos!

Just go for it!!! you will always remember it raining on your wedding day. Make the best of it! If you have it in you, toss your umbrellas to the side and get some bomb intimate photos with your favorite person.

Trust that we (and other vendors) have your back! We know this isn't how you saw your day going... and we will do everything in our power to help redeem this rainy day. We will hold your dress up out of the mud, hold umbrellas, be on constant alert for breaks in the rain and be incredibly optimistic and show you a little rain on your wedding day is totally okay <3

These are all real beautiful "rainy" wedding days we've photographed in the past!

Katie & Joe at the Rutledge, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Abby & Jon at Twin Lakes, Traverse City, Michigan

Krystynn & Jarred at The Country Club of Lansing, Lansing, Michigan

Maddie & Justin at South Haven Creations, South Haven, Michigan

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