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Matt & Bridget // Grand Rapids, MI

Provin Trails, a beautiful park located just outside the Grand Rapids city limits with open sand barrens, pine trees, and natural surfaced trails. This is where we met Matt and Bridget for the first time and they are a power couple! These two were so relaxed and easy going, we enjoyed walking these paths and capturing their sweet love. I really enjoyed learning the back story, how they met, how they became engaged and hearing more about their upcoming wedding. Due to their studies Matt (general surgery) and Bridget (law), they have endured long distance throughout their relationship before finding their home in Grand Rapids. Now well on their way into great careers they are ready for the next chapter of their lives...marriage <3 It was our pleasure capturing these sweet moments! We are wishing Matt and Bridget nothing but the very best in the years to come!



Want to see more beautiful engagement photos!? Check out this session we did in Muskegon, MI!

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