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Non-Traditional First Look Ideas

Your wedding day timeline is something you'll probably be putting a lot of time and effort into in the months leading up to your big day. There are so many things to consider like how much time do you want between the ceremony and reception. Which brings me to the First Look question.

Doing your first look with the groom BEFORE the ceremony has some really great benefits.

  • You can carve out a good portion of time for just the two of you

  • You can choose your scenery instead of having the ceremony background.

  • Your future husband to be won't have to share the first look with everyone else.

  • You can get the majority of your formal photos done before the ceremony, freeing up the cocktail hour for you. You could instead take this time to sit with your new husband and reflect on the ceremony and breathe before the reception starts

Doing your first look during the ceremony can be exciting too!

Another great way to do your first look DURING the ceremony; Have the groom face away from the bride as she walks down the isle then he can turn when she stops at the front of aisle. This allows you to be closer for that intimate first look, sometimes the aisle is long, or he will see you in the doorway; you may not see his reaction as well or it may not be as emotional as you'd hoped for being so far apart.


No matter what you decide to do for your first look, I'm confident it will be the perfect choice for you and your special someone <3

How do you plan to do your first look?

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