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Saying Hello to 30!

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

This last Friday and really the whole weekend we spent celebrating my THIRTIETH BIRTHDAY!!! Yes, I just entered into a whole new decade of life.

It's very strange to think about my 20's, it feels like it lasted forever, yet at the same time, gone in the blink of an eye. I married my best friend, gave birth to two beautiful daughters, adopted a stubborn pup, launched 2 businesses and have learned so much about myself.

Milestones that make me think of my 20's

  • When I was 20 years old I graduated from The Great Lakes Culinary Institute. I worked in the restaurant industry all through my 20's while also studying wine and became a certified sommelier at 27.

  • I had my first daughter at 25 and my second at 26! They are my everything <3 They've taught me so much about love and have shown me a side of myself I never really knew was there.

  • At 27 I left the restaurant industry to work as a signed Grand Rapids model and this is when we also launched Photo House Inc.

  • In the last two years we've run a successful studio, using our space to further our own business as well has help others get theirs off the ground.

  • We started our non- profit, Little Heroes of Hope and have helped change the lives of 20 children to date and have a huge project coming up NEXT MONTH to help 20 more!

It's impossible to really sum up what the last 10 years have been like; they have been both amazing and at times trying. I've felt some severe lows and extreme highs! I've struggled with mental health and have learned to deal with chronic pain and a auto-immune disease. I've also felt pure joy and happiness in having my daughters and living this life along side my man <3

I wasn't quite sure how to feel about turning 30 but I think it's going to be great decade. Our businesses are thriving, my family is healthy and happy and I'm choosing to be optimistic about the coming years.

On to the next decade! Hellllooo 30!

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