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5 West Michigan locations for engagement sessions

Finding the perfect setting for your engagement session can be a daunting task. You want it to represent your personalities and be scenic at the same time.

Here are a few questions we ask our couples when we are in the process of scheduling their engagement sessions:

Do you prefer nature or urban style photos?

What is the overall vibe you're going for?

Do you prefer sunrise or sunset?

Are you okay with walking long distance?


We do our best to plan around our couples wants and needs and research locations to make sure our couples will be happy with the outcome.

Here are Five of our most beloved engagement session locations! Please reach out if you have any questions about any of these locations or would like to schedule a session <3


What we love: There are great opportunities for "in the forest" photos as well as Lake Michigan beach photos. Bathrooms available during their open season (March-October)

Cons: This can be a busy park on beautiful days in all seasons. Check to see when it is most busy and try to schedule around that. There are A LOT OF STAIRS! Our first session out to Rosy Mound made everyone laugh! We knew there would be stairs but were clueless to how many... It is quite a hike to the lake. If you're using multiple outfits, ask your photographer if they have a pop up tent for changing! This will cut out a lot of work and back tracking. There are Parking Fees.


What we love: This is a wonderful park for all seasons! There are rustic bathrooms and free parking. Beautiful nature trails!

Con: Honestly this was an all round awesome experience. We would highly recommend this to any couple that loves to be surrounded by nature <3


What we love: Over three miles of Lake Michigan Shore line! Beautiful sand dunes and open beaches to work with. Bathrooms available during warm months. Recreational pass needed.

Cons: This is a very popular spot in the summer! Consider a morning session <3


What we love: The scenery is unreal! This park is so vast that it can be busy and private at the same time.

Cons: Plan on hiking! There is quiet a climb to get to the top of the dunes, once you're up there is still a lot of walking to be done. Ask your photographer if they have a pop-up changing tent if you're using more than one outfit.

What we love: Great for couples that like the urban style. Grand Rapids has a variety of locations making it a convenient spot for engagement sessions. You can get green in your photos by walking through the many parks or stick to parking garages and streets for a truly city look. Grand Rapids also has many amazing coffee spots so you can grab a quick snack and cute photo all in one swoop.

Cons: Sometimes downtown is crowded, check for events before scheduling your session. Also construction can be an eye sore, know where you want your photos done and double check those spots before heading downtown for your actual session.

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