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Austin & Hailey // Grand Rapids, Michigan

WOOO!!! I am so excited to share this dreamy urban engagement session that all started on the Grand Rapids Blue Bridge! Austin and Hailey woke up super early Saturday morning to meet up with us, originally we were hoping for a killer sunrise but woke up to this beautiful blanket of fog covering the city. We wove our way from the bridge, through parks, streets and parking garages and circling back to say our goodbyes.

Hailey is the sweetest person and felt like a good friend as soon as I met her and Austin brought good humor and playfulness to this early morning session. Phi and I had such a great time hanging out with this couple and wish them all the best in the years to come <3

Beautiful fog covered city and a romantic kiss!


Austin asked Hailey to marry him on the Blue Bridge!

West Michigan natives have walked this path a time or two <3

Dancing just outside of the GRPM

Quiet Stroll through Grand Rapids, MI

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